MKB7163×12/2 Hot sales Table surface machines factory price supply hydraulic for grinding metal

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This series of machine tools adopts a movable grinding head structure, and uses the periphery of the grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece.

●The longitudinal guide rail of the worktable is pasted with PTFE soft tape, which has good wear resistance.
●The vertical guide rail of the carriage is pasted with PTFE soft tape, and the feed sensitivity is high.
●Equipped with electronic charge and demagnetization controller, which is convenient for loading and unloading workpieces.
●The appearance structure of the machine tool is reasonably designed, and the coordination is beautiful.

Table Size(Width×Length): 630×1250 mm

Equal thickness of the workpiece : 0.008/300 mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.63μm

Net weight: about 4000kg


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