GL-KXM4016/LD cnc Milling& Grinding complex machines with floor-standing table factory price

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This series of machine tools is the original development of our company, the first in China and the only one in the industry, reflecting the high added value, high efficiency, high cost performance and personalized image of Guibei machine products. The machine tool adopts table floor elevated beam bridge structure, which can be both milling and grinding, and is suitable for milling and grinding of various wide, large and heavy parts planes in machinery manufacturing, automobile and mould industries.
● Reasonable design and novel style. Adopt table floor and overhead bridge type cross beam longitudinal moving structure layout.
●Optimized structural design of bed, table and crossbeam and other large parts, with high rigidity, bending and torsion resistance of machine tool.
●Longitudinal movement is driven by AC servo motor with high-precision helical rack and pinion, and moved by the sliding base of the cross beam along the longitudinal guide, which is stable in operation and accuracy.
●The grinding head and milling head are independent of each other in the transverse movement of the guideway, ensuring their respective working accuracy.
●The milling head adopts imported precision rolling bearing spindle or hydrostatic spindle with high rotary precision.
●Energy-saving and environmental protection, low cost of use and later maintenance. High energy consumption and large-capacity oil tank are eliminated, which can save more than 100,000 yuan of oil and electricity cost every year.
●Small footprint of machine tool, only about half of the traditional table moving structure. Combining milling machine and grinding machine foundation into one, the cost is greatly reduced.
●Fully enclosed guard ensures a clean floor at the production site.
Only one operator is needed, and the workpiece milling and grinding processes can be completed in one machine, reducing the turnaround time and resulting in high production efficiency.

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