XTK3010 cnc End Face Boring& Millinsurface machines with floor-standing table factory price

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This series of machine tools adopt the table floor and column longitudinal moving structure, suitable for milling the end face of large and medium-sized parts and various forming surfaces, also can carry out milling, boring, drilling, reaming and other processing, with a rotary table or tiltable strong electromagnetic suction cup can be milled at any angle of the oblique surface or plane.
● Longitudinal movement of column and floor fixed structure layout of table, with strong workpiece carrying capacity and small floor space.
The longitudinal, vertical and lateral movements are driven by AC servo motors with precision ball screw sub-drives, resulting in high positioning accuracy.
The sliding guideway is adopted in each direction of movement and the soft tape of Teflon guideway is pasted, with good rigidity and low friction coefficient.
●The spindle adopts imported high-precision spindle bearings, with high precision and easy loading and unloading of knives.
●Automatic lubrication system, lubrication of each moving part is realized by the automatic lubrication pump with programmable controller.
●The machine runs smoothly, reliable performance, high efficiency and easy to operate.

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