M7140 Head-mobile surface grinding machines with horizontal grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table

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This series of machine tools adopts a movable grinding head structure, which uses the periphery of the grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece. It is suitable for grinding the plane of various parts in industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, molds, tools, and other industries.

The overall casting of the bed ensures good rigidity and stable and reliable operation.
The column is placed on the right side of the machine tool, with reasonable stress, and the coolant is not easy to splash onto the electric cabinet and button station, ensuring electrical safety.
● The longitudinal movement of the workbench is hydraulically driven, with stepless speed regulation.
The horizontal guide rail of the carriage adopts a steel guide rail structure, with good wear resistance and stable accuracy.
● The grinding wheel spindle is driven by an external low vibration motor and operates smoothly.
● Continuous automatic lubrication is used for the bed and workbench rails, and inching lubrication is used for the columns, carriage, and grinding head rails to effectively prevent oil loss and strain of the rails.

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