M7140×40B/LCK plc Surface grinder best factory

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This series of machine tools is independently developed by our company, and adopts a column movable structure. It uses the periphery or end of the grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece. It is suitable for grinding the plane and side edges of various parts in industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, molds, tools, and other industries.


● Column mobile structure layout, with stable accuracy.
The vertical lifting and horizontal movement of the grinding head and the column adopt digital instruments (CK series adopts a programmable system) to control the servo motor driving precision ball screw drive, equipped with a fixed electronic handwheel, with manual and automatic grinding functions.
● The longitudinal movement of the workbench is hydraulically driven, and the proportional control valve has stepless speed regulation, ensuring smooth operation.
The longitudinal guide rail of the workbench and the vertical guide rail of the grinding head are pasted with polytetrafluoroethylene soft tape, which has good wear resistance and high feed sensitivity.
● The bed and workbench rails are continuously and automatically lubricated, and the columns, their moving base rails, and ball screws are intermittently lubricated through program settings to effectively prevent oil loss and strain.
The grinding head spindle adopts an integral inner column outer tapered sliding bearing with strong structural rigidity, large bearing capacity, good grinding surface quality of the workpiece, and convenient maintenance.
● The grinding wheel spindle is driven by an external low vibration motor and operates smoothly.
External hydraulic station, controllable oil temperature, oil saving and environmental protection, and small thermal deformation of the machine tool.

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