MK7140×16/L CNC surface grinding machine cheap price

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This series of machine tools adopts column-moving structure to grind the surface of the workpiece by using the peripheral or end face of the grinding wheel, which is suitable for batch automatic grinding of the plane and side edges of various parts in the industries of machinery manufacturing, automobile, mould and die, and work tools.


● Column moving structure layout with good accuracy maintenance.

●The vertical lift of the grinding head and the lateral movement of the column adopt the two-axis linkage CNC system, which can realize automatic grinding cycles as well as manual operation with the electronic handwheel.

●The vertical feed and lateral movement are driven by AC servo motors with precision ball screws along their respective guideways for sensitive feeding and high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy.

●The bed and table guideway adopt continuous automatic lubrication, and the column and its moving base guideway and ball screw, etc. are programmed to achieve intermittent lubrication, effectively preventing oil loss and strain.

●The grinding head spindle adopts integral internal column and external tapered slide bearing, with strong structural rigidity and high load capacity, good workpiece grinding surface quality and easy maintenance.

●Adopting external hydraulic station, the oil temperature can be controlled, saving oil and environmental protection, and the machine tool has good thermal stability.

●The CNC system can be selected from Siemens, Fanuc, Taiwan New Generation, GuangDu, etc.

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